Office Building Budapest, Óbuda 2008 architecture
Sporthotel Tiszaszentimre 2008 architecture
Flat interior design, Vienna reconstruction Bécs 2007 interior design architecture furniture design
Flat interior design reconstruction and interior design Budapest, II. 2007 interior design architecture furniture design
Hotel reconstruction Salgótarján 2007 architecture
Residential House Esztergom 2007 architecture
ISP Shopping Centre Diósd 2006-2007 architecture
Hungaria Center Office Building Budapest, XIV. 2007 architecture
Apartment House in the Downtown Budapest, V. 2007 architecture general planning
City Sports Hall architectural competition 1st prize Szombathely 2005 architecture interior design
Family House Üröm 2005 architecture
Holiday House of the President of the Republic Balatonöszöd 2007 architecture general planning
BJ48 Office Building interior design Budapest, VI. 2006 interior design
RKK Office Building architectural competition 1st prize Budapest, XIII. Róbert Károly krt. 2008 architecture
Watch Store interior design Budapest, Arena Plaza 2007 interior design
Wallstickers Hungarian Wallsticker Competition, mentioned 2010 design
design by sagra
Community house Kisfakos, Franciscan Farm 2006 architecture